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Guide To Seattle Beer Week Part 5: Grab Your 12 Pack, Head to the Troll

May 10th, 2011 No comments

He looks so sad without his Ranger can.

***Seattle Beer Week is a pretty big deal.  It runs from May 19th to the 29th.  This is our guide to its majesty.  These are the events that we feel cannot be missed. At the conclusion of this preview, we will publish the SBW Bible.***
I once heard mention of the Troll rendezvous some years ago from a good man. That man worked at Brouwers that night; he had a good glimmer about him. I mean come on, it was Seattle Beer Week.

The amazing Chris Cavanaugh was that guy. He had uttered some nonsense about a bunch of idiots grabbing cans and heading to Fremont’s illustrious Troll statute to drown the late hours in heavenly ales. Now, dammit, I wish I had been more invested in what Chris was selling. I’m sure some way, he’ll be there again this year.

The Troll get together was always lore, to me. I don’t remember seeing it on the events calendar, but then again, my excitement for Seattle Beer Week typically maims my memory banks. All I do know is that the tales of its epic magnitude continue throughout the years. After two years of missing it, I fear I can no longer.

Last year, New Belgium’s beer rangers got involved with the heavily-attended Troll meetup. Just around midnight, the SBW gang heads out to the concrete dregs hidden beneath the overpass, to cheers the aluminum vessel us beer drinkers love the most. They come by bike, so leave your keys at home.

So, keep your ear to the street on May 24 and sniff out news of meetup times. According to the site, it appears that they are shooting for 11:00 PM, this year. But, you never know when the mood demands a cold, frosty can of Ranger IPA.